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Could your system use an expert operator around to help track down problems or potential savings? Especially if you're on a tight budget, you should invest in RWAU -a safety net of experienced technicians providing effective solutions. Don't spend money you don't have. Call the Rural Water Association of Utah.

The staff of Rural Water Association of Utah (RWAU) provides training and onsite technical assistance as well as management and financial assistance to water and wastewater systems in Utah that are under 10,000 population. RWAU is a nonprofit association with hundreds of systems as members and hires only experienced water and wastewater professionals, averaging more than 18 years in the industry, with convenient access to industry experts. Training and on-site work is supported by a series of State and Federal contracts and grants that promote safe water for our communities. We are also funded by our membership.


The Rural Water field staff provides one-on-one on-site assistance with no charge to the system. A few examples of our services:

Drinking Water: Operation and maintenance, line location, leak detection, meter testing, treatment, chlorination, wells, trouble-shooting, etc. Specialized technical assistance is provided to small systems that are not in compliance with the Utah drinking water regulations.

Wastewater: Treatment processes, chlorination, safety, profiling of lagoons, discharge monitoring reports, collection systems, operation and maintenance, trouble-shooting.

Management-Mayors, Councils, Boards: Rate structuring, impact fees, grants and loans, ordinances and resolutions, bylaws, public relations, security planning and vulnerability assessments, conservation.

Source Water Protection Planning: Identifying potential sources of contamination, designing a protection plan that addresses your specific needs.

Consumer Confidence Reports: Template on disk and assistance in understanding and filling out your Consumer Confidence Report, report preparation for a small layout fee in a pleasing form for distribution to customers.

Computers: Assistance for small utilities on subjects ranging from billing programs to compliance reporting problems.

Legislative Monitoring: Year-round monitoring of legislative action on both the State and Federal level, updates on bills when water-related issues are up for a vote.


We conduct over 60 training seminars per year throughout Utah. Topics include:

Water Operator certification, cross connection control certification, operation and maintenance, backflow prevention, automatic valve operation, disinfection procedures.

Wastewater Operator certification, discharge monitoring reports, collection systems, operation and maintenance, treatment processes, chlorination, safety, profiling of lagoons.

Management & Financial Consumer confidence reports, long-range planning, security planning and vulnerability assessments, water audits and rate structuring, conservation, assistance with regulatory compliance.

Conferences Our Fall Conference located in northern Utah the week before Labor Day features the latest technology in the industry. Our Annual Conference in southern isolated in Saint George and is recognized as one of the best water conferences in the country.


Discounts for Training for Annual Conference, Northern Conference, Operator Certification Training (water and wastewater), and Cross-connection Control Training (certification and recertification). Discounts apply to every person in your organization.

Publications include our quarterly magazine The Connector and our quarterly management newsletter as well as training guides, technical bulletins, state and national publications.

Post Job Openings on our website to find the water and wastewater professionals you are looking for. SEE LINK

Sampling Discounts for water and wastewater by Chemtech Ford Labs.

Scholarship Program for children of employees, board members, and council members of our member systems.

Research projects for developing solutions to problems and issues concerning rural water and wastewater utilities.

Fleet Vehicle Purchase Plan can save thousands of dollars on through a program offered by Ford. All water and wastewater systems who are RWAU members are eligible for the Ford Fleet program, giving you thousands of dollars of discounts. Heritage Motor company in Tremonton and Logan have been exceptional partners on our Fleet Program.  Contact Shantell Cummins or Terry Smith at the RWAU office for more info 801-756-5123


At Rural Water, we know that providing clean, safe water for our communities, businesses, hospitals, and schools requires a great deal of dedication behind the scenes. We are here to help.


Annual Conference
The attendance of our three-day annual conference in St. George in February represents 95% of the state’s water and wastewater systems. It is the 3rd largest Rural Water annual conference in the nation and the largest of the western states, with over 1,600 total participants.

  • Reduced rates for your exhibit space at one of the best Rural Water conferences in the country.
  • The opportunity to demonstrate your products and services to over 1600 attendees who represent the water and wastewater industry in Utah.

Fall Conference
Our two-day Fall Conference in Layton in September provides a showcase for your goods and services, complete with Equipment Expo and Backhoe Rodeo.


  • Reduced rates for your exhibit space at our Fall Conference in northern Utah and our Annual Conference in southern Utah.
  • Reduced rates for your advertisement in our magazine.
  • Reduced rates for Home page advertising on our web site.
  • Your name, contact information, and description of your products and services distributed to our member systems on a yearly basis and upon request. Same information included in the December issue of "The Connector," distributed to over 2000 subscribers.

Other Opportunities

  • Submit Call for Presentation papers for our annual and mid-year conferences.
  • Serve on key committees, such as training, associate advisory, technical assistance, and legislative.


Water/Wastewater System Members Fee Schedule:
Population Membership Dues Population Membership Dues
0 - 300 $295 5,001 - 6,000 $1065
301 - 500 $375 6,001 - 7,000 $1130
501 - 1,000 $495 7,001 - 8,000 $1185
1,001 - 2,000 $750 8,001 - 9,000 $1235
2,001 - 3,000 $820 9,001 - 10,000 $1290
3,001 - 4,000 $870 Over 10,000 $1475
4,001 - 5,000 $920    
Irrigation Members:
Acres Membership Dues   Acres Membership Dues
0-1000 Acres $210   5,001 + Acres $845
1000-5000 Acres $525      
Individual Members: $300 - Membership Dues
Associate Members: $400-Membership Dues