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Schedule an Online Drinking Water Certification Exam

Proctor is required

  1. Schedule your exam by completing the request form here or by calling RWAU at 801‐756‐5123
  2. Complete the online exam application and return to RWAU at least 2 business days prior to your scheduled exam date
  3. Submit payment of $130 per exam to RWAU at least 2 business days prior to your scheduled exam date 

NOTE: Requested dates are not guaranteed‐watch your email for confirmation. Exams must be prepaid and the application and payment must be received in time for processing or the exam(s) will be cancelled.


 The Utah Division of Drinking Water has study resources available online for both the Water Distribution and Water Treatment. Please see the links below:



Advantages of taking your water certification exam online:

  • No Travel: We will come out to your facility to proctor your exam.
  • Immediate Pass or Fail Results: You will not have to wait two weeks for your results. You will know onsite right after your test if you pass or fail. If you fail, we will assist going over the ones you missed.
  • Certificate: If you pass, You will be able to print out a temporary certificate right after the test to tide you over until you receive your official one via mail.