April, 2017  

Salt Lake City, UT 

Water Rights Training

 History of Utah Water with Kirk Forbush
      From application to Certification with Clark Adams
      Proof Certification & Title with Chris York 
      Applications: Approval Criteria & Hearings with Teresa Wilhelmsen, P.E.
      Making Applications. what you need to know, with Tamara Prue 
      Water Use Groups, with Boyd Clayton, P.E.
      Water Wells, with Jim Goddard 
      Advanced Water Right Topics, with Bob Leak 
      Public Water Suppliers, with S. Ross Hansen, P.E., L.S.
      RWAU Water Right Training/ Other State Enginer and Roles with Kurt Vest, P.E.
      Utah Water Use Program, with Frank Quitana 

Distribution with Jared Manning, P.E. 

       Water Right Adjudications with Josh Zimmerman 
       RWAU Water Rights Training with James Greer


Date of Training Location Training Presentation
Aug 9, 2016 North Salt Lake Water Rights Management & Planning Introduction To Water Rights Jeff Gittins Smith Hartvigsen 861k
      Water Use Reporting For Public Wtr Supplier James Greer-DWR 391k
      Funding Water Projects Michael Grange DDW 157k
      Politics and Public Perception of Water Projects Nathan Bracken Smith Hartvigsen 555k
      Water Right Plans Don Olsen & Clint Dilley EPIC Engineering 505k 
Aug 3, 2016 North Salt Lake What's Utah's "Flint"? Combatting Greater Uncertainty with Better Data  Shem Liechty-Brown & Caldwell 586k
      Current Status of Systems with Lead Exceedances_Emily Frary-DDW 442k
      Design to protect source -UDI Sources_Ying-Ying Macauley-DDW 1,473k
      Distribution System Presentation Michelle De Haan-Park City 1,350k
      Regulatory Perspective on the Flint MI Water Crisis_Michael Grange-DDW 292k
      Simple Steps to Becoming the Utility of the Future Now_Mike Jacob-Brown & Caldwell 1,724k
      Water Use & Meter Projects Michael Grange-DDW 395k
      Water Use Source and Storage Data Tammy North-DDW 771k