Partnership With the Utah Division of Drinking Water

RWAU works very closely with the DDW in order to achieve the goal of helping water systems provide safe drinking water to their customers. Along with day-to-day communication with the DDW while helping water systems from the RWAU Circuit Riders, RWAU partners with DDW to do the following:
  • RWAU Managers meet every other month with DDW managers to discuss current issues and upcoming events and regulations.
  • RWAU Compliance Circuit Rider works directly with water systems that are on the EPA’s ETT list as well as those systems on the DDW’s top 25 list. The goal is to help these systems solve the regulatory problems they have encountered and return them to good standing in order to provide safe drinking water to their customers.
  • RWAU Management Technician works with water systems to provide the managerial expertise many systems, board, and individuals throughout the state are lacking. Examples of areas of assistance this position provides are: Rate Structuring; Impact and Connection Fees; Ordinances, Resolutions and By-Laws; Public Relations; Ethics and Conflicts of Interest; Elected Officials Fiduciary Responsibilities; Project Funding; Budget Preparation and How to Follow a Budget; Fraud Prevention; Parliamentary Procedure, etc.
  • RWAU Development Specialist works with counties, water systems and state agencies with the goal of helping ensure that all new water system development results in properly designed and self-sustaining water systems.
  • Emergency Response Training classes are provided in partnership with DDW through a homeland security grant to provide training and assistance to water systems so they can put emergency response procedures and vulnerability assessments in place. 6 classes are held throughout the state each year.
  • The programs provided through the DDW are mostly funded through the SRF program.