We are excited to announce that Rural Water Association of Utah has teamed up with the Utah Division of Water Resources and the Utah Division of Drinking Water to bring you the first annual Water Conservation Certification!

The Water Conservation Certification is a two day course with an exam on the second day. By obtaining this certification you will become knowledgeable in the following:

  • Creating a culture of conservation - Preparing a Water Conservation Plan.
  • Water system efficiency - Conducting a water loss audit.
  • Metering / Measuring - pros & cons.
  • How to start your own water check program - How to implement your own water conservation program.
  • Creating / Amending conservation ordinances.
  • Customer / Public relations & communication - Talking to the public about the knowledge and material available.
  • Water conservation pricing and budgeting / Landscape watering times
  • Setting up a leak detection program
  • The impact of water conservation on wastewater systems
  • How water conservation affects your water rights
  • Secondary Systems - pros & cons
                   ......and much more!
Water Conservation Certification Date:
Thursday, October 26, 2017 - Friday, October 27, 2017
8:30 am - 4:00 pm

Utah Division of Water Resources
1594 West North Temple
Salt Lake City, Utah

leafRenewing your Water Conservation Certification:

After obtaining your Water Conservation Certification, you may RENEW it by obtaining 1.8 Water Conservation related Continuing Education Units (CEUs) in a three year period beginning the January following the year you were certified.

You may obtain Water Conservation Related CEUs by attending the following:


Submitting CEUs: All Water Conservation related CEUs obtained by attending training outside of Rural Water Association of Utah or the Utah Division of Water Resources must be submitted to Rural Water Association of Utah using the CEU Form:


How To Renew Your Certification: After you obtain your certification, you will be certified for a three year period. This three year period begins the January following the date you obtained your certification by passing the exam. This is also the time period you will begin to collect your CEUs. The certification expiration date will be the last day of December ending your three year certification period. You will be able to renew your certification by paying the renew fee & acquiring the required 1.8 CEUs.  Please use the Renew Form:



How Many CEUs Have You Acquired ? You can keep an eye on how many CEUs we have on record that you have acquired by clicking on the CEUs Acquired button below: