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Judging by the late arrival of the sun in the morning, Fall has officially arrived (but we’re still hanging in there with daylight savings time). Einstein postulated that time is relative, and it would seem that the fall season certainly bears that out - no other time of year seems to pass by as quickly.

When a water system is adding or modifying system infrastructure; a tank, a water source, or even something as relatively simple as a pressure reducing valve, a Plan Review by the Division of Drinking Water is required. However, there are some exceptions:

Rule R309-500 outlines what is required, and when. Within this rule 500-5(2) explains these exceptions, what is on-going operation and maintenance, when a plan review isn’t required, and the limits of a project before requiring plan review.

For example, if a system is planning on installing distribution piping of less than 500 feet, and the new pipe meets the requirements as explained in this section, then a plan review is not required. Additionally, a system may install up to 1000 feet of new piping in any one fiscal year without needing a rule, again, if it meets the exception requirements regarding size, etc.

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Trying to maintain a high quality product and keep water affordability low without increasing rates is a constant battle.

Far too often when your customers have a leak they blame you for the high water bill causing you both to lose sleep and money over what seems like a never-ending nightmare.

At ServLine, we listened to your concerns. In a desire to help you come up with a better solution, we pioneered Water Leak, Line & Sewer Insurance , which will change the way you deal with water leaks.

Listen to what some of your colleagues have to say about it.

ServLine: A National Introduction

Stop the nightmarish cycle so you won’t have another outraged customer taking their frustration out on you about paying for a high water bill.

Forever change the outcome of your utilities future making it more sustainable for generations to come. And, you’ll see your customers coming in your front door to say thank you when ServLine pays their bill!

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A. Mark Slater, Jr.
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