2019 House Bills

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HB 12 Instream Flow Water Rights Amendments

Sponsor: T. Hawkes

This bill repeals the date for the instream flow water right established for trout habitat.

RWAU Stance: Support

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HB 31 Water Supply and Surplus Water Amendments

Sponsor: K. Coleman

This bill regulates municipalities that provide water to customers outside respective political boundaries.

RWAU Stance: Support

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HB 32 Rulemaking Fiscal Accountability Amendments

Sponsor: K. Stratton

This bill provides for review and Legislative approval of certain Water Quality Board rules or standards; requires an agency to submit certain proposed rules to an appropriations subcommittee and interim committee for review before the agency enacts the rules and amends the duties of the Administrative Rules Committee.

RWAU Stance: Support

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HB 91S1 Agricultural Land Amendments 

Sponsor C. Snider

This bill directs the Department of Agriculture and Food to conduct a study identifying and classifying private agricultural land.

RWAU Stance: Support

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HB 125 Quantity Impairment Modifications

Sponsor: C. Albrecht

This bill deals with change applications and states that there is a rebuttable presumption of quantity impairment to the extent that, for a period of at least seven years, a portion of the right identified in a change application has not been diverted from the approved point of diversion or beneficially used at the approved place of use.

RWAU Stance: Support

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HB 143 Water Conservation Plan Amendments

Sponsor: S. Harrison

This bill modifies what is required to be included in a water conservation plan.

RWAU Stance: Track

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HB 162 Damage to Underground Facilities Amendments

Sponsor: S. Handy

This bill defines duties and liabilities between an operator and an excavator in the damage of an underground utility; establishes required deadlines and procedures related to arbitration in the damage of an underground facility and makes changes to the membership of the Underground Facilities Damage Dispute Board.

RWAU Stance: Oppose    

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HB 321 Public Improvements to Provide Sewer Services

Sponsor: L. Wilde

This bill amends a definition relating to the number of protests required to prevent the designation of a sewer assessment area.

RWAU Stance: Oppose

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HB 355 Water General Adjudication Amendments

Sponsor: J. Ferry

This bill enacts and amends provisions related to an application to appropriate or permanently change a small amount of water; enacts and amends provisions related to a right to appeal during an adjudication of water rights and enacts and amends provisions related to the state engineer’s duty to search records for and serve summons on claimants during a general adjudication.

RWAU Stance: Support

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HB 360 School Water Testing Requirements

Sponsor: S. Handy

This bill requires the Drinking Water Board to make administrative rules that create a program related to lead concentration in the drinking water of schools and child care centers; establish a lead concentration level in drinking water at or above which schools and child care centers are required to undertake mitigation activities under certain conditions; and requires schools and child care centers to undertake certain monitoring, reporting and mitigation activities. It adds a required use for a portion of the Environmental Mitigation and Response Fund and creates an expendable revenue fund.

RWAU Stance: Support

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HB 377 Capitol Hill Water Usage Amendments

Sponsor: J. Briscoe

This bill requires the State Capitol Preservation Board to reduce the amount of water that is used at the capitol hill complex by 25% and requires that a water management plan be created and implemented in consultation with the Division of Water Resources.

RWAU Stance: Support

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HB 441S1         Tax Equalization and Reduction Act

Sponsor: T. Quinn

This bill modifies provisions relating to tax including addressing the taxation of water.

RWAU Stance: Tracking with concerns

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HCR 2S1 Concurrent Resolution Supporting Rural Development of Wind, Solar, Hydrogen, Hydroelectric, and Geothermal Energy

Sponsor: P. Arent

This resolution supports the development of energy in rural areas.

RWAU Stance: Support

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HCR 10 Concurrent Resolution to Address Declining Water Levels of the Great Salt Lake

Sponsor: T. Hawkes

This resolution urges expeditious and collaborative development of recommendations for policy and actionable solutions to avert economic, social, and environmental harm due to declining water levels at the Great Salt Lake and its wetlands and encourages reports to the Governor.

RWAU Stance: Support

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HJR 1 Proposal to Amend Utah Constitution – Municipal Water Resources

Sponsor: K. Stratton

This resolution proposes to amend the Utah Constitution to revise a provision relating to municipal water rights and sources of water supply; eliminate the references to municipal waterworks and specify circumstances under which a municipality may commit water resources or supply water outside its boundary or exchange water resources.

RWAU Stance: Support

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HJR 5 Joint Resolution Approving Notes to Water Rights Addenda

Sponsor: D. Owens

This resolution adopts the notes to water rights addendum to land deeds and the notes to water rights addendum to water deeds.

RWAU Stance: Support

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