2021 House Bills

Utah Legislative Sessions ,

HB 13 | School and Child Care Center Water Testing

Sponsor: Rep. Handy

Requires testing for lead at schools and child care centers. Provides funding and requires action if test results are above a certain level.

RWAU Stance: Track

Bill Remained Held in Committee

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HB 14 | Water Conservancy District Amendments

Rep. Handy

Amends provisions of the election code for filling a vacancy on the board of a water conservancy district located in more than one county.

RWAU Stance: Support

Passed Both Houses

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HB 98 | Local Government Building Requirements

Rep. Paul

Prohibits a city or county from regulating certain building design elements including landscaping.

RWAU Stance: Oppose

Passed but with stipulations that were considered anti water conservation removed

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HB 107 | Subdivision Plat Amendments

Rep. Ferry

Requires the owner of land seeking approval of a subdivision plat to describe certain water conveyance facilities on the plat and to notify the owners of those facilities about the subdivision prior to submitting the plat. Requires the municipality or county to also notify the facility owner about the subdivision and requires the surveyor to verify certain information regarding the facilities when making the plat.

RWAU Stance: Track

Passed both Houses

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HB 144 | Water Pricing Structure

Rep. Moss

Requires retail water providers to consider lot sizes when setting their pricing structure.

RWAU Stance: Oppose

Held in Committee

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HB 208 | Water Quality Act Amendments

Rep. Paul

Attributes to an organization the actions of an individual acting wholly within the individual’s employment with the organization and provides that the individual is not subject to certain legal actions.

RWAU Stance: Track

Passed both Houses

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