9/19 Weekly Newsletter

The chill in the air the last few mornings has me convinced that summer is now in the rear-view mirror.
Nothing how far we are into September has reminded me that the deadline for submitting your RTCR (or Bac-t, as we commonly refer to it), sampling site plan is due by the end of this month.

In a nutshell, the purpose of this plan is to make sure that:

  1. You’ve located your routine sampling sites within the distribution system in such a pattern as to provide sufficient bacterial analysis of the system; just because the system is bacteria-free in one location does not insure that it isn’t contaminated in another section.
  2. You have Repeat sample sites available - both up and down stream. These should be located within 5 connections of the routine site. You may also designate an address “range” rather than a specific repeat sample site, just in case you can’t get to that specific address on the day you need to take a Repeat sample.
  3. The plan also provides guidance to anyone needing to take over the sampling duties, in the absence of the regular sampling person.

If you’d like some assistance putting this together, or just a copy of the template that we have been using, which has been approved by the DDW, just shoot me an email - tsmith@rwau.net

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