9/26 Weekly Newsletter

As I write this, I’m sitting in my cozy recliner, staying warm (45 degrees out right now), and watching the Broncos-Bills game. I’ll leave it to your best guess who I’m rooting for (I will say proximity is a factor).

Thinking about football has me drawing a parallel between managing a team and a water system. Each have a number of “players”, differing levels of authority/responsibility, and a playbook that organizes much of it. That “playbook” for water systems is commonly known as a "master plan".
Perhaps your system is lacking one, or it’s been sitting on the shelf unused for years? If so, it would likely benefit by either having one developed, or having your current one updated (unless you feel it's still relevant), then using it to get your system plans, improvements, rates and funding, back on track as outlined. Additionally, master plans provide not only guidance as to what needs to be done to keep the system in shape (or get it there), but also provide cost estimates, growth projections, future capital facilities needs, etc. All of this allows planning continuity, as elected officials move in and out - thus keeping things both on track and schedule.

If you’re interested in having a plan developed or updated, the DDW has funding options of which you might want to take advantage.
If you’d like some assistance, give me a call, I’ll be happy to help.

NRWA Awards Rural Water Association Of Utah with Outstanding Achievement in Public Relations

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September, 2017 Fall Conference Reflection

Needless to say it was a success. Thank you to all who attended!

Training at WaterPro

Shantell Cummins gave a Training on Getting the Word Out, at the WaterPro Conference this last week in Reno.