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Tooele City
Water Distribution Operator

Trainee $18.06 (Grade 10/0)

Operator I $19.09 (Grade 11/0) with opportunity to promote to $21.07

Operator II (Grade 13/0)

Operator III $22.34 (Grade 14/0)

Operator IV $23.67(Grade 15/0)

Upon Hire

Location | Tooele, Utah 84074
Full Job Description

Providing high-quality H2O to our City takes a team of dedicated and skilled operators who know the ins and outs of our comprehensive distribution system. In this position, you will work as a front-line technician ensuring the efficient and reliable delivery of clean and healthy drinking water to the City. We are looking for an enthusiastic and ambitious person to join this team.

Whether you are experienced in water systems or new to the profession, we'd love to talk with you. This position provides a career advancement plan that recognizes your on-the-job training and technical certifications as you promote in our organization.

An example of a work day may include:

  • Checking alarms, water levels, and other operational functions via our computerized monitoring system called SCADA;
  • Driving to water sources such as wells, well houses, and tanks to physically observe and treat water at the distribution source;
  • Receiving, investigating, and responding to citizen inquiries regarding lack of water, leaks, high or low pressure, unusual noise, etc.;
  • Respond to water line breaks or other dysfunctions in the underground infrastructure and piping system to identify cause;
  • Secure work zones using traffic control techniques;
  • Performs skilled labor to repair the infrastructure including securing water line for repair; reviewing mapping and GIS systems to identify other underground utilities; using heavy equipment such as a backhoe to dig to water line; replacing piping and other utility systems;
  • Installing water meters, boxes, lids, connections, meters, etc.
  • Replacing defective parts of regulators, adjusting valves, and similar maintenance tasks;
  • Setting pressure gauges and testing backflow prevention devices;
  • Installing fire hydrants, valves, regulators and other water devices;
  • Taking water samples and sending for laboratory analysis;
  • Entering confined spaces; and,
  • Preparing reports and other records as needed.
  • Required:
    • High school diploma (or equivalent)
    • Possess and maintain a valid Utah State Driver License (or obtain within 1 month)
    • Driving record acceptable to Tooele City's insurability and risk management standards.
Condition of Employment

As a condition of employment, you'll need to obtain:

  • Class B CDL (with valid medical card) within six (6) months of assignment to position and maintain them
  • Utah Certified Level I Water Distribution Operator within one year of assignment to position (or next reasonable testing period as specified by the supervisor).

You must be able and willing to respond to emergency call-outs within the time periods specified in City or department policies which may limit residency options. Must be able and willing to work weekends, or split shifts, mornings or afternoons (not rotation), and holidays.

How/Where to Apply
Apply online at the Tooele City employment page. The link below will take you there:

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