Eagle Mountain City | FT Water Operator (Cert I-IV)

Employment Opportunities,
Eagle Mountain City
FT Water Operator (Cert I-IV)
$18 - $24.81
Upon Hire
Salary Band ($18.00 hr.-$24.81 per hr.) DOE Pay band reflects Operator I-IV payband
Location | Eagle Mountain, UT, USA
General Purpose

Performs a variety of "restricted", entry level duties related the construction and maintenance of the City's water and reuse distribution infrastructure and equipment.

Supervision Received

Works under the general supervision of the Water Supervisor.

Essential Functions

Maintain water system flows and controls; communicates with supervisors for daily assignments and upon completion; maintains clean equipment for use of trucks to be ready for emergency situations; determines necessary supplies, equipment, tools, barricades, manpower, etc., that are necessary for repairs; operates city vehicle in a courteous manner when representing the city; diagnoses problems on assignments including evaluating conditions of existing pipelines; notifies supervisors or other entities of repairs to be made or work to be done; operates equipment on the job, including backhoe, trackhoe, trencher, etc.; applies disinfectant (chlorine) to exposed surfaces to be repaired; installs proper repair equipment, pipe, or other materials used to complete job; conducts process of bleeding air and refilling repaired pipe line to prevent water hammer and restore water quality; records condition of repaired pipe for future problem area; represents the City in refurbishing customer property in an orderly and acceptable manner.

Resolve codified notes from meter reading and SCADA system to monitor water usage for billing of customer; maintains meter lids and meter boxes; observes to see if meter is working properly; records the meter reading for correct billing and usage; repairs or replace any meters found functioning improperly; files corrections with office personnel.

Maintains and restores wells and booster stations and re-circulators; diagnoses problems with wells; determines necessary supplies for restoration; repairs and maintains pilot systems and control valves; maintains, cleans and repairs air vacs, gates, globe, butterfly and check valves; maintains control and gate valves, packs valves, maintains booster pumps; maintains copper lines; cleans, buffs and polishes copper fittings; paints electrical panels, well piping and floors; ensures proper pressure adjustments and reductions; ensures proper operation of pressure sustaining valves between zones.

Works rotating weekends and on-call status; maintains accessibility 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, maintains the knowledge required to locate, find, and operate valves, meters and hydrants; monitors water flows by operating city computer; represents City properly to ensure continuous clean, quality water; checks and maintain equipment for use in trucks to be ready for an emergency situation; observes and monitors wells and well sites, chemical stations, booster stations and tank sites to assure they are functioning properly; performs visual analysis of water samples drawn at each well site daily; maintains accurate records of well activity at well sites and record information; monitors and record flows at multiple locations; communicates with supervisor on quality and quantity of water produced and daily samples and inform of any problems or concerns.

Trouble shoots various issues as the arise related to lift station activity, leak responses, blue stake issues; "no water" calls, water quality issues, etc.; monitors flows and tank levels; initiates starting and stopping of wells as needed; apprises supervisor of emergency and mitigating actions.

Performs and oversees the installation of new or repaired water lines; plans methods, material and manpower requirements for accomplishing the project; operates and maintains backhoe to install service lines; performs use of the tapping machine; installs materials for service line in a predetermined location; records information for new service line installations; monitors contractor installation projects.

Obtains work order; finds proper addresses; performs residential and commercial meter installations and repairs; installs fixtures, master shut-off valve; installs and maintains meters and related connections conducts pressure and volume metering test in response to customer complaints; locates and corrects cause of disruption of service to supply and distribution lines.

Performs related duties as required.

Minimum Qualifications
  • Graduation from high school or equivalent; and No experience necessary


  • An equivalent combination of education and experience.

  1. Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
Knowledge Skills & Abilities

Some knowledge of general trench work and pipefitting; pumping systems; hazards and precautions associated with trench work line construction; interpersonal communication skills; basic hand and power tools required to install and maintain pipe line; traffic control and diversion; use of respirators; OSHA safety standards.

Skill in the operation of heavy mechanized equipment as required by the position, i.e., computer, backhoe, skidsteer, air compressor, saws, jack hammer, chipping hammer, paint sprayer, dump truck, pumps, chain saw, torches, etc.

Ability to adapt to emergency or unusual situations; tolerate weather extremes in the work place; analyze water system(s), identify problems and determine optimum solutions; make accurate decisions in emergency situations where consequences of error could be costly; communicate effectively verbally and in writing; perform strenuous manual labor; develop working relationships with supervisors, co-workers and the public. Ability to lift 75 lbs.

Special Qualifications
  • Must possess a class "A" commercial driver's license (CDL).
  • Must work on a twenty-four (24) hour stand-by or on call.
  • Must become a certified Water Systems Operator I within 12 months of date of hire.
  • Must become a certified flagger.
  • Must become confined space certified.
  • Must become forklift certified.
Work Environment
Employees in this position normally work in an outdoor environment, subject to changing and seasonal weather extremes. Frequently, tasks require a variety of physical activities, generally involving muscular strain, related to walking, standing, stooping, sitting, reaching, and lifting; daily potential for hazardous exposure to electrical shock; daily exposure to moving parts and equipment such as pumps, motors, heavy equipment, etc.; daily or regular exposure to traffic hazards working in the public right-of-way; daily or regular exposure to hazards associated with trench work and confined space operations; daily or regular exposure to various chemicals, i.e., chlorine. Talking, hearing and seeing essential to performing required job functions. Common eye, hand, finger dexterity exist. Mental application utilizes memory for details, verbal instructions, emotional stability and discriminating thinking.
Operator II | Qualifications
  • Must be a certified Water Systems Operator II
  • Must work on a twenty-four (24) hour stand-by or on call
  • Must possess a class "A" commercial driver's license (CDL)
  • Must be a certified flagger
  • Must be confined space certified
  • Must be forklift certified
Operator III | Qualifications
  • Must be a certified Water Systems Operator III
  • Must work on a twenty-four (24) hour stand-by or on call
  • Must possess a class "A" commercial driver's license (CDL)
  • Must be a certified flagger
  • Must be confined space certified
  • Must be forklift certified
Operator IV | Qualifications
  • Must be a certified Water Systems Operator IV
  • Must work on a twenty-four (24) hour stand-by or on call
  • Must possess a class "A" commercial driver's license (CDL)
  • Must be a certified flagger
  • Must be confined space certified
  • Must be forklift certified
Full Benefits, Medical, Vision, Dental, Retirement
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