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Eagle Mountain City
Wastewater Treatment System Operator I-IV
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Performs a variety of "restricted", working level duties related the construction and maintenance of the City's wastewater collection infrastructure and wastewater treatment facility and equipment.


Works under the broad policy guidance and direction of the Wastewater System Supervisor.


Provides general guidance and direction to Wastewater System Operator(s) I while in training or on a project-by-project basis.


Treatment Facility: Performs daily operation and maintenance of the city wastewater treatment facility; maintains clarifiers, buildings, yard, back-up generator, blowers and chlorine disinfection equipment; ensures proper application of effluent water and operation of rapid infiltration basin; ensures proper operation of various pumps and motors.

Monitors and performs ongoing preventative maintenance, including greasing, adjusting belts and pulleys, changing out pumps and motors and unclogging pumps; operates machinery to ensure readiness and effectiveness of service, including skid steers, backhoes, trackhoes, loaders, tractors, crane trucks, jet/vac trucks, forklifts, trash pumps, weed whips, and a variety of hand tools as needed to keep the wastewater treatment facility and the discharge of effluent product running in an efficient manner.

Collects daily and monthly lab samples from various phases of the treatment process as required by the Division of Water Quality (DWQ) and for process control; gathers "grab" samples and from a composite sampler; creates "chain of custody" reports and delivers samples to analytical laboratories; based upon lab results, assists to adjust process rates for activated sludge (RAS) and waste activated sludge (WAS).

Performs daily and weekly tests to verify proper operation and control of the wastewater treatment systems; evaluates concentrations of solids and bacteria for "flocking" and settling in the treatment process; determines additional influence of results and effect upon return activated sludge (RAS) and waste activated sludge (WAS) rates; adjusts rates as needed to prevent disruption of "bug" colonies.

Collection & Field Operations: Performs daily operation and maintenance of the city wastewater collection system, including lift stations, manholes, yard, backup generators, and various pumps and motors; oversees and performs ongoing preventative maintenance, including, greasing, changing oil on pumps, adjusting belts and pulleys, changing out pumps and motors, unclogging pumps, etc. as needed to ensure efficient and effective delivery of raw sewage to treatment facilities.

Performs collection system inspections; documents and maps collection system, lifting sewer lids, records pipe size, direction of flow and congestion status, determines need for cleaning or other maintenance; numbers the manhole; prepares and files inspection and cleaning reports.

Performs of confined space entry to access collection system lines; performs maintenance and cleaning as needed while supported by specialized safety equipment; ensures proper set up and application of safety equipment, including davit arm hoist, tripod and with self-retracting lifeline (SRL); calibrates, setup, and operate gas detectors for confined space entry; prepares confined space entry permit as required; assesses overhead, atmosphere and tripping hazards; ensures effective use of support harness and related equipment.

Responds to sewer emergencies; performs emergency repair services dealing with breaks, backups and other issues; organizes and utilizes necessary resources, including staff and equipment; such as combo jet/vac trucks, crane trucks and trash pumps as needed; coordinates with TSSD if additional resources and help are needed.

Performs related duties as required.



  1. Education and Experience:
  2. Graduation from high school or equivalent; or Two (2) years of experience performing the above or closely related duties; or An equivalent combination of education and experience.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

Working knowledge of construction requirements for wastewater collection systems and treatment facilities; hazards and precautions associated with trench work and sewer line construction and maintenance; state or federal regulations governing installation and maintenance of sewer collection systems; water quality laws; water sampling methods and regulations; interpersonal communication skills; city wastewater operations system network, lines and manhole locations; basic hand and power tools required to install and maintain pipe line; traffic control and diversion; typical wastewater line problems; tools and equipment required to lay and repair wastewater lines; care of required tools and equipment; city policies and procedures; laws, ordinances and regulations governing wastewater purification and discharge; general laboratory processes and procedures; use of respirators; OSHA safety standards; computer and various applications, spreadsheet, database, word processing, etc. Some knowledge of basic bacteriology.

Skill in the operation of heavy mechanized equipment as required by the position, i.e., skid steers, backhoes, trackhoes, loaders, tractors, crane trucks, jet/vac trucks, forklifts, trash pumps, weed whips, etc.

Ability to adapt to emergency or unusual situations; tolerate weather extremes in the work place; communicate effectively, verbally and in writing; plan and organize work of subordinate personnel; evaluate employee performance and make related decisions; enforce policies, procedures, regulations, and standards without partiality; perform strenuous manual labor; develop working relationships with supervisors, co-workers and the public. Ability to lift 70 lbs.

Employees in this position normally work in an outdoor environment, subject to changing and seasonal weather extremes. Frequently, tasks require a variety of physical activities, generally involving muscular strain, related to walking, standing, stooping, sitting, reaching, and lifting; daily potential for hazardous exposure to electrical shock, industrial wastes and raw sewage (containing pathogens such as typhoid, paratyphoid, dysentery, polio, tetanus, etc.); daily exposure to moving parts and equipment such as pumps, motors, heavy equipment, etc.; daily or regular exposure to traffic hazards working in the public right-of-way; daily or regular exposure to hazards associated with confined space operations. Talking, hearing and seeing essential to performing required job functions. Common eye, hand, finger dexterity exist. Mental application utilizes memory for details, verbal instructions, emotional stability, discriminating thinking and creative problem solving.

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