Emergency Response IDs

Emergency Response ,

Why Invest in ID Badges?

  • An ID is a must when responding to major emergencies (especially on another system)
  • Similar ID Badges are easily recognized across the state
  • IDs listing skills aid Incident Commanders in assigning personnel to tasks

Getting Badges for your System:

  • Credential ID Badges are $12.00 each, including lanyard
  • Badge Authorization Application must be completed, verified & signed by a supervisor
  • IDs all look alike, apart from a system-specific logo
  • IDs for Certified Water and Wastewater Operators will also carry the DEQ logo
  • IDs are issued by the entity for which the individual works



Email Completed Application and Digital Passport Quality Photos with a White Background to: emilie.duersch@rwau.net

The Importance of Credentialing in the Event of an Emergency

By Shantell Cummins

Picture yourself arriving at the scene of an emergency or natural disaster. As a water or wastewater professional, you have been asked to lend a hand and assist with getting essential services back up and running, but you have been stopped at a roadblock and law enforcement will not allow you to enter the scene.     

In a recent case study by the EPA they identified credentialing as one of four challenges in addressing emergencies and they recognize the importance of interdependency between the water and emergency services sectors. 

It is crucial that law enforcement recognizes those coming to assist and provide essential services in the event of an emergency as well as recognize the skills that those individuals offer so they can be dispatched where needed quickly and efficiently. 

RWAU, UTWARN, and DEQ have developed a solution to this challenge be creating a state-wide Water and Wastewater Emergency Response ID Badge that also serves as a local system identification badge. The badges are credit card size and can be carried in a wallet or worn via a clip or lanyard. The badges contain identifying information about the individual as well as the organization they work for which allows rapid verification by law enforcement. They also contain certification information and a list of skills for rapid dispatch. The DEQ logo is added for those certified in water or wastewater operations.

We would like to thank the water and wastewater systems and other organizations that support the credentialing initiative: Mountain Regional Water SSD, Kearns ID, Hooper Water ID, Taylorsville-Benion ID, Bear River WCD, White City Water ID, Mutton Hollow ID, Stansbury Park ID, Dixie Deer SSD, RWAU, DDW, UTWARN, South Jordan City, Town of Genola, Bona Vista Water District, Morgan County, Silver Lake Company, Washington Terrace City, WaterPro/Draper Irrigation, Deer Springs Ranch, Summit County SA #3, Tabiona Town, and Woods Cross City.

The ID Badges are customized with your company logo and are a great way to provide system employee identification and enhance security at your facilities in addition to providing access as first responders. The badges are currently being offered for a nominal fee of $12 per badge. For more information on credentialing and to order your badges please contact the RWAU offices at 801-756-5123.