Hometown Heroes

Posted By: Christian Jensen V Rural Water News,

This page was created to show appreciation for our Hometown Heroes. Here you have an opportunity to submit your own thank you, as well as read the many thank yous that have been submitted from people all over the State!

We would love for you to write a letter or a quick note thanking a water/wastewater operator for their hard work through this pandemic. Don't know any operators specifically? You can still show your support by thanking the city or town you live in for providing water and wastewater services!


Hometown Heroes - Thank you!

By Christian Jensen

Christian is the Public Relations and Marketing Administrator at RWAU

These past few weeks have been challenging for all of us. The way we live and interact with each other, and even how we work has changed dramatically in a few short weeks. First responders and health care professionals have had an especially difficult time, as they work on the frontlines to take care of those fallen ill and prevent future spread of the virus; the efforts they have made are undeniable. Our collective appreciation for their dedication has led us to overlook other essential service people.

The Coronavirus has been on our minds since its initial outbreak in China. Life in our country and in the state of Utah remained largely unchanged until the virus began spreading throughout the U.S. Panic ensued as citizens clamored over essential products. Supermarkets found it difficult to remain stocked with necessities such as food, water, and even toilet paper. Rumors fueled the panic as they spread like wildfire, making them difficult to dispel. Fearing water in the tap would be shut off, the populous bought bottled water anywhere they could find it.

Under normal circumstances, nobody questions whether water will flow from their tap. Despite the fear, the message from Division of Drinking Water (DDW), Rural Water Association of Utah (RWAU), and local authorities was the same. There is no need to stock up on surplus bottled water, your drinking water is safe. The confidence these organizations have in local operators is not blind faith, but based on a long history.

Water and wastewater operators throughout the state have always worked tirelessly to make sure the water we drink is safe and always flowing. The DDW holds operators to a high standard, and that bar continues to get higher. The water and wastewater operators in Utah care about the towns they come from, and it shows in the way they care for our water. As this pandemic has progressed, we at RWAU sent out a letter requesting help from willing operators around the state should a water system lose workers due to the coronavirus. The response to this request has been incredible. We would like to especially thank those 89, and counting, operators who have volunteered to go above and beyond the call of duty and respond to other systems in need, should the situation call for it. This work ethic and desire to serve the community is what keeps our water safe and ever-flowing. All of us at RWAU thank you for your effort, and so do the citizens of this great state. Keep up the amazing work! We will be here to support you every step of the way.

Wall of Appreciation

A big thanks goes out to our Certified WaterOperator Dana Gardner; he responds quickly and courteously when contacted. He helps with contact through the state offices. We appreciate him and depend on him every day. Thank you Dana! We couldn't do this without you!

Vernon WaterWorks SSD | Vernon

I know all the operators of our water systems are making it possible for the ease of our lives as we turn on the tap for a drink, to fill a pot for dinner or stand in a hot shower. I think of the people behind my glorious water all the time and I do wish to thank them all... from planning to delivery. Thank you thank you thank you

Anonymous | Salt Lake City

I would just like to express my personal thanks and gratitude to your whole organization for the great work and message you have gotten out in the water community. I am so glad that our Division is associated with the Rural Water Association. I want to personally thank you for being there and putting the water community at ease during this difficult time. I am glad that there are people who understand the water processes and community. Thank you - you are all appreciated!

Marianne Burbidge, Division of Water Rights, Administration | Salt Lake City and the Regional Offices in the State of Utah

I want to thank all of you who deal with the hard work and difficulties for us to enjoy a constant flow of both culinary and sewage water. You may think your work is dull or goes unnoticed, but it is you who provide the life-giving support for all our citizens. It has been said that plumbers are as important as doctors. To me, that statement is true. Some provide a life-giving service for a few crucial minutes, others give to life on a daily, even an hourly, basis. I am proud of all who work so diligently to provide these life-giving services to us your neighbors, friends, and family. Stand proudly together always.

Randy Williams | Bountiful City

Everyday I have a shower. Everyday I wash my dishes and my hands. Everyday I drink safe, clean water. Oh, and the toilet flushes too! :-) Thank you Draper/Water Pro!

Dale Pierson | Draper

Thank you for keeping the water safe to drink and flowing . I know you put yourself at risk for the benefit of the residents. This seems small but it is a HUGE THANKS!!!!!!

Gizmo | Daniel Town

First of all what a great article recognizing our brave medical personal. I would also like to thank them for all of their great work and sacrifices. I have worked in this industry for 16 years and not once have I ever seen or heard of a crew not willing to go out at 1am to repair a leaking waterline. This group of individuals are the unsung hero’s. I would love to personally thank all of you across this great state of Utah. Thank you all and keep up the great work!!!

Adam | Clearfield City

Thank you to all the workers that are risking there safety to keep our drinking waters safe. Thank you Thank you

Anna | West Warren

Thank you guys for all your dedicated work. You Guys are the best at what you do.

Bill G. | North Ogden

I would like to Thank all my Customers for a job well done. They go out of there way to make sure everyone's drinking water, pools and spa's , compost, bio solids are safe for the public. I want to give a shout out to: Lehi City (Dallas Nielson, Greg Allred, Matt Dalton, Gary Thomas) Orem City (Chris Clements, Quinn Fenton0 Pleasant Grove City ( Jason Paulson, Troy Nielson) Saratoga Springs (Weston Wright, Thomas Thompson) Heber City ( Steve Tozier, Matthew Kennard) Provo Water Reclamation ( Matt Kessler, Mark Ogren Orem Water Reclamation ( Dan Shorten, Ned Miner) Lee Miller (Timpanogos Sewer District) All my Construction People ( Dam Construction, Landmark Excavation, Reynold Excavation, Kenny Seng, Carlton Inc, Red Pine Construction) Alpine School District (Scott Sorenson) Heber Ranger District (Kirk North) Pleasant Grove Ranger District (Dean Larsen) There are so many more. I love you guys!!!

Angie Richards | Pleasant Grove

We have been blown away by all the appreciation we have gathered from you all. The invitation to thank an Operator goes out to everyone in our State. Please keep submitting these kind words. We want our hometown heroes to be recognized!