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Little Bear River Distribution System
Water Commissioner
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Location | Paradise, UT
Full Job Description

The water users of the Little Bear River Distribution System are seeking applicants for the position of Little Bear River Water Commissioner. The Distribution System Committee selects the successful candidate who is then appointed to a four-year term by the Utah State Engineer. Annual salary up to $15,000.00 depending upon experience, provided through the State of Utah. Responsibilities Measure, regulate and report diversions of water from the Little Bear River and some tributary streams. The commissioner’s duties vary in intensity by season. During the irrigation season the commissioner’s duties include daily monitoring of diversion rates and frequent inspections of agricultural diversions. The Water Commissioner regulates all of the diversions to conform to their respective water rights and contracts. This effort will require approximately 5 -10 hours per week from April through October, though additional time may be necessary to handle unusual situations and attend meetings. Prepare an annual report for the State Engineer and the Little Bear River Distribution System Committee. This annual report documents the water users’ adherence with water rights and the amount of water diverted to each user on the Little Bear River system. Field visits, accounting and reporting are somewhat flexible to fit the commissioner’s schedule; however, the trips and the data availability must meet the needs of water regulation. Coordinate and report water releases and deliveries to and from Porcupine and Hyrum Reservoirs. Help maintain telemetry and water measurement equipment e.g. Troubleshoot electrical equipment, water measurement sensors, and radio-based communication devices using software, electrical testing equipment, and other available resources. Ultimately the commissioner is required to perform all duties required to regulate, control and report water deliveries on the Little Bear River System.

  • Required:
    • High school-level Math
    • Ability to use/operate a personal computer and work effectively with spreadsheet and word processing software
    • Ability to use the internet
    • The State Engineer’s Office will provide any specialized training necessary
    • The applicant must be dependable and willing to learn
    • Valid Utah Driver’s License
    • The commissioner must provide his or her own vehicle and drive to and from River System facilities
    • The commissioner’s travel expenses will be reimbursed at the State rate which is currently 58 cents per mile
How/Where to Apply
Please contact System Chairman, Jared Clawson at 435-764-3531