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Each year at RWAU’s Annual Conference in St. George, Utah, the Association presents awards to
member systems, as well as system personnel who have done an outstanding job of running their
water or wastewater system. Most awards are given based on performance in the 2018 calendar
This is your chance to nominate someone who deserves an
RWAU Award for their hard work...even if it’s you!
To nominate for an award, visit the Rural Water website (

A complete list of the Award Categories with selection criteria is on the reverse. The deadline to nominate is December 20, 2018.
The RWAU Awards Committee will meet shortly after the deadline to select the winners from the

2019 Annual Conference
Feb. 25—March 1, 2019

St. George, Utah


accomplishments, overall on-the-job performance, and
involvement with RWAU for a Town Clerk, City Recorder,
Treasurer, Manager, Administrator, etc.

ELECTED/APPOINTED OFFICIAL OF THE YEAR Based on accomplishments, overall on-the-job performance, and involvement with RWAU for Mayors, Board Chair, Councilperson, Board Member etc. (either elected or appointed.)

OUTSTANDING SERVICE BY A WATER OPERATOR Based on long-term, outstanding on-the-job performance (10+ years, distribution or treatment)

OUTSTANDING SERVICE BY A WASTEWATER OPERATOR Based on long-term, outstanding on-the-job performance (10+ years.)

WATER OPERATOR OF THE YEAR Based on extraordinary accomplishments of an individual operator during 2018 who is
directly or indirectly responsible for the day-to-day O&M of a water system (distribution or treatment).

WASTEWATER OPERATOR OF THE YEAR Based on extraordinary accomplishments of an individual operator during
2018 who is directly or indirectly responsible for the day-to-day O&M of a wastewater system.

System/Company is a current RWAU member in good standing.
Supports RWAU Conferences, Seminars, Trainings, and/or serves on RWAU Committees.
Friendly, helpful attitude, knowledgeable and efficient on related job duties.
Eager to keep System in compliance with Utah State Regulations.
Eager to keep System Operator certified to level of system.
Able to initiate and/or oversee special projects in helping improve the system and its service to its customers.
Great contributions to Water and/or WW fields locally and/or nationally.