Water/Wastewater Foreman

Employment Opportunities,
Providence City
Water/Wastewater Foreman
$25 - $32
Upon Hire
Location | 350 E Center St. Providence
General Purpose

Performs a variety of field supervisory duties related the construction and maintenance of the city’s water distribution and wastewater collection infrastructure.

Supervision Received

Works under the general supervision of the Public Works Director.

Supervision Exercised

Provides immediate to close supervision to Water/Wastewater Technician(s) II and I, while in training or on a project-by-project basis.

Essential Functions

General Administration: Makes recommendations related to budgetary needs and forecasts; assess condition of equipment and recommends replacement schedules; submits justification for needed equipment, materials, and supplies; monitors expenditures to ensure compliance with approved budgets.

Manages crews; evaluates performance and makes recommendations affecting job retention, advancement, discipline, and termination.

Field Supervision & Operations: Recommends and assists in the determination and implementation of goals and objectives; reviews work orders; establishes schedules, prepares work assignments and coordinates with Public Works Director; apprises crews of project details; provides guidance and instruction on methods of installing new extensions, renovating, and cleaning existing systems.

May act or be appointed as a Direct Responsible Charge Operator (DRC); provides field supervision to work crews, makes task assignments, and specifies work procedures; evaluates work in progress and completed, determines conformity to established standards; assists in training laborers; conducts on-the-job training by demonstrating equipment, tools, and materials; instructs and direct personnel to perform their work efficiently, courteously and safely; directs and monitor staffs in care and cleaning of trucks and equipment.

On a rotation basis, must work on a twenty-four (24) hour/waiting to be engaged on call system as defined by personnel policy.

Directs and supervises maintenance programs to ensure delivery of safe, quality drinking water and effective collection of waste water; oversees the activities of the maintenance program for the service and repair of equipment and structures; assigns work duties according to positions; communicates with maintenance staff and other departments of any system problems; evaluates needs of maintenance department for tools and supplies; maintains inventory for normal operations and emergency situations; coordinates and attends meetings as the representative of the Water/Waste Water maintenance division; trains staff in system and maintenance procedures, etc.; monitors SCADA instrumentation; oversees codified notes generated from meter reading to verify water usage for billing of customer.

Oversees the daily availability of supply to ensure adequate quantity of water is available for culinary use and fire protection; reviews and evaluates wells and tank levels and production; monitors water system and usage; advises on call employee(s) what course of action is to be followed; reports to department head system status; recommends to department head actions and solutions to maximize system output.

Directs the installation and maintenance of all new wastewater lines and water connections performed by staff, contractors and residents. advises and ensure safety of staff with other utility companies when installing water connections; determines inventory of supplies and materials needed for new connections and maintenance of connections; collects and evaluate information from work orders for connections completed and filed for each job; plans and prepares maintenance programs for repair of wastewater lines, manholes, main water lines, all water connections, and equipment.

Directs the implementation of valve program efforts and inspection of hydrants; flush, repair and replace hydrants as needed, exercise valves and clean valve boxes; inspect and clean sewer manholes, clean lift stations, operate sewer jet truck; maintains water meters, read, install, repair or replace; performs or directs new meter sets; monitors meter inventory; develops maintenance programs for service and repair of fire hydrants and valves; documents work histories; directs the necessary improvements; records work orders completed and type of work completed by assigned personnel.

Checks the chlorine daily and ensures all chlorine safety procedures are followed, take water samples as needed, respond to all water/wastewater complaints/problems; coordinates and monitors public relations during and after hours.

Performs seasonal duties including but not limited to, truck driver, snowplow driver, operate backhoe, participate in drug testing program, etc.

Work as a team with other departments i.e.; parks, streets, storm water, cemetery etc. Helping with other various duties.

Must have reliable transportation to and from work.



  1. Education and Experience:
    1. Graduation from high school or equivalent;
    2. Six (6) years of experience performing the above or closely related duties; two (2) years of
      which must have included daily on-site charge;
    3. An equivalent combination of education and experience.
  2. Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
    1. Considerable knowledge of laws, ordinances, and regulations pertaining to Providence City codes; policies and procedures established for the work system; principles of supervision; construction requirements for water distribution and pumping systems; waste water collection operations and processes; hazards and precautions associated with trench work and line construction; state or federal regulations governing installation and maintenance of water/waste water systems; water quality laws; sampling methods and regulations; budget preparation and fiscal management; interpersonal communication skills; city water distribution system network, lines and locations; basic hand and power tools required to install and maintain pipe line; traffic control and diversion; typical service line problems.
    2. Working knowledge of tools and equipment required to lay and repair service lines; care of required tools and equipment; policies and procedures; laws, ordinances and regulations governing culinary water purification and distribution.
    3. Some knowledge of general laboratory processes and procedures, chemistry; use of respirators; confined space entry procedures; OSHA safety standards.
    4. Skill in the operation SCADA equipment and alarms; of heavy mechanized equipment as required by the position; i.e., CCTV Truck, Lateral Inspection Camera, excavation equipment, pumps, generators, air compressors, crane and computer, GIS tools, backhoe, skid steer, mini ex., air compressor, tap machine, grinders, welders, saws, jack hammer, chipping hammer, valve machine, jumping jack, vibra plate, paint sprayer, vactor, dump truck, snow plow, loader, fork lift, pumps, chain saw, torches, etc.
    5. Ability to adapt to emergency or unusual situations; tolerate weather extremes in the work place; analyze water system(s), identify problems and determine optimum solutions; make accurate decisions in emergency situations where consequences of error could be costly; communicate effectively verbally and in writing; plan and organize work of subordinate personnel; evaluate employee performance and make related decisions; enforce related policies, procedures, regulations, and standards without partiality; perform strenuous manual labor; develop working relationships with supervisors, co workers and the public.
  3. Special Qualifications:
    1. Must possess and maintain a valid class B-CDL.
    2. Must be a certified Water Systems Operator III (or higher). Must be a certified Wastewater Collection Operator II (or higher).
    3. Must possess backflow or cross connection certification, Implement and oversee associated program.
    4. Must be able to move objects weighing up to 100 Ibs.
Benefits: Medical, Dental, Vision, and supplemental insurance options, Long-term Disability, Life, Utah State Retirement, PTO, 12 paid holidays, tuition reimbursement, HSA contributions.
How/Where to Apply
Send resume to dcampbell@providence.utah.gov