Springville City | Water Supervisor

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Springville City
Water Supervisor
$25.34 - $35.55
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Location | 110 S Main St Springville, UT 84663
Full Job Description

Under the direction of the water Superintendent, is responsible for the operation of department-related equipment and supervision of work crews in the installation, maintenance and repairs of waterlines, pressure reducing valves, and wells in the city water system. Responsible for assisting in the preparation of yearly operations budget for assigned areas of the water system.


  • Responsible for the day-to-day supervision and scheduling of operations maintenance crews in repairing and maintaining water mains and service lines.
  • Responsible for assisting in the preparation of yearly operations budget for assigned areas of the water system.
  • Responsible for the Tanks/Penstocks maintenance programs.
  • Monitors the performance of crews.
  • Assures that crew members follow necessary safety procedures.
  • Responsible for record keeping of work performed, materials used and hours expended.
  • Operates equipment in digging and filling trenches for laying and repair of water lines, hydrants, City fountains, sprinkling systems and plumbing.
  • Serves on an on-call status, as needed.
  • Determines quantities, what types of materials, tools, equipment and labor needed to complete assigned projects.
  • Responsible for monthly samplings and reading at points of collection and distribution into the system.
  • Responsible for monthly and annual state reports required by the state.
  • Responsible for recording data for department files and reporting to state, as required.
  • Works as a water quality technician.
  • Maintains and repairs chlorinators.
  • Carries out work order assignments, consisting shut-offs, rereads, and recording of vital information concerning meter locations, size, etc.
  • Responsible for seasonal meter reading, training of meter reader, giving assignments to reading districts, job performance and quality control.
  • Required to do annual budgeting for maintenance for the water system.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.

Must be able to lift up to 50 pounds, and be able to climb on ladders and into meter holes and boxes. Must have enough physical strength and agility to perform required work. Must be able to work in all weather conditions and in and around heavy traffic.


Must be a high school graduate. Must have two years experience at a level equivalent to Water Lead Worker. Must possess a Grade IV Certified Water Works Operator classification. Must have a CDL driver's license. Must have a Class I or II certification with the State Cross Connections Control Program.


Must be able to perform all the necessary installation work. Must be able to perform all necessary repair work on water lines. Must be able to lead a skilled work crew. Must be able to read and understand written and oral instructions. Must be available from time to time for on-call status. Must be able to operate a backhoe and similar equipment. Must be able to work outdoors in all types of weather. Must be able to lift heavy loads. Must have the ability to prepare a year to year operations budget for his areas that he is responsible for. Must have knowledge of polices and procedures established for this type of work. Must have the ability to perform routine maintenance of pumps and motors. Must be literate and able to write legibly. Must be able to work well with the public while carrying out job functions.

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