2018 System of the Year - Nominate Today

Awards ,


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  • Most Improved Water System Based on accomplishments and/or improvements of a water system during 2018
  • Most Improved Wastewater System Based on accomplishments and/or improvements of a wastewater system during 2018
  • Outstanding Water Service to Customers Based on long-term performance (15 + years.)
  • Outstanding Wastewater Service to Customers Based on long-term performance (15 + years.)
  • Source Water Protection Award
  • Supporting Member Over 10,000 Award Based on long-term performance (3 + years) for nonvoting members.
  • Supporting Member Under 10,000 Award Based on long-term performance (3 + years) for nonvoting members.
  • Associate Member of the Year Based on years exhibiting, RWAU magazine advertising, Conference involvement and other above-and-beyond activities with RWAU.

Criteria Considered (but not limited to):
System/Company is a current RWAU member in good standing and supports RWAU Conferences/Seminars/Trainings (instructs, consecu-
tive years attending or vending) and/or serves on RWAU Committees.

Extraordinary public relations efforts (articles, publications, etc.) Maintains System compliance with Utah State Regulations.
Relationship with regulatory agencies.
Able to initiate and/or oversee special projects in helping improve the system and its service to its customers.
Great contributions to Water and/or WW fields locally and/or nationally.