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Timpanogos Special Service District
Treatment Plant Operator I
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Location | 6400 North 5050 West, Utah County
Full Job Description

GENERAL PURPOSE: Performs a variety of entry level, technical duties related to the operation, maintenance and repair of treatment plant equipment to assure efficient processing of influent raw sewage. May perform as either a “Restricted” or “Unrestricted” operator based upon established “experience” guidelines.

SUPERVISION RECEIVED: Works under the close to general supervision of the Operations Foreman.



Performs daily rounds, inspects equipment, enters observations into log book, i.e., flow count, clarifier depth, etc.; checks and assures that all stages of the wastewater treatment processes are maintained in working condition; periodically checks pumps, flow, mechanical, and chemical processes and pump stations. Monitors plant control panels and operation processes including RAS pumps, station alarms, final clarifiers, chlorine building, RAS sludge pump house, digester facility and generator facility. Inspects plant head works such as bar screens, grit chambers and air lift pumps; observes operations to assure proper processing of influent waste and effluent water; checks chlorination equipment and maintains proper flow of chlorine; processes/checks for U.V. system. Operates valves and pumps necessary to transfer sludge to digester; monitors valving, pumps, gauges, levels, temperatures, pressures and processes; records daily readings on various charts; prepares and sets up valving for transfer pumps. Monitors valves, pumps, gauges, and processes in RAS sludge pumping building; makes daily readings and records findings; checks sludge lines and pumps for plugging; cleans pumps as needed; sets sludge pump timers as needed to meet changing RAS sludge conditions; run and maintain dewatering building equipment, may transport sludge to transfer station. Pump scum from clarifiers scum sumps to digester through variable speed RAS sludge pumps; revalves as needed to minimize transfer of water; maintains clean, unobstructed processing equipment. May take laboratory samples from various stages of treatment process. Performs general equipment maintenance and cleaning; cleans sludge pumps, removes sticks and other obstructions; removes debris clogging grease troughs and clarifiers; back pumps as needed to clear lines; operates high pressure cleaning equipment. Operates front-end loader, backhoe, dump truck, compost turner, trommel screen, etc.; digs trenches, transports materials and waste; monitors UV building for proper operation of equipment and; maintains pump for proper drainage as needed. May perform general plant maintenance and cleaning on equipment and facilities; mops and waxes floors; cleans dump truck; collects bar screens; hauls debris to disposal sites; assists with painting of various plant areas; assists in cleaning clarifiers and transporting sludge. Performs related duties as required. 

Skills and Abilities: Some knowledge of technical treatment plant equipment and machinery and its operation, maintenance and repair; plant processes; hazards and precautions associated with plant operations and processes; plant policies and procedures; ordinances, laws, and regulations governing wastewater treatment and discharge promulgated by various State and Federal agencies. Ability to understand and interpret laboratory data derived from water samples; make accurate decisions in emergency situations; interpret and apply laws governing wastewater treatment; communicate effectively, verbally and in writing; develop working relationships with supervisors and co-workers.

Work Environment: Daily exposure to hazardous conditions such as: working on high ladders and in manholes; daily potential for hazardous exposure to methane, hydrogen sulfide and related gases; daily potential for hazardous exposure to oxygen deficient atmosphere and ultra violet light; daily exposure to seasonal changes and weather extremes; daily potential for hazardous exposure to electrical shock, industrial wastes and raw sewage (containing pathogens such as typhoid, paratyphoid, dysentery, polio, tetanus, etc.; daily exposure to stressful environmental conditions such as dust, fumes, dampness, cold, heat and noise. Position requires use of basic human faculties, including talking, hearing and seeing.

  • Minimum Qualifications:
    • Education and Experience: A. Graduation from a standard senior high school or GED; AND B. One (1) year responsible experience in treatment plant operations; OR C. An equivalent combination of education and experience
  • Special Qualifications:
    • Must be or become grade I Wastewater Treatment Operator certified within one year, or 3 test cycles. Must possess a valid Utah State commercial driver’s license (CDL). Must be willing to work shift work and be on-call 24 hours per day. Must pass random alcohol and drug test
Health, Dental, Life and AD&D insurance through PEHP. 401K and pension through URS.
How/Where to Apply
Job description and application are available and may be picked up at the District office located at 6400 North 5050 West, Utah County, Utah (south of American Fork), Monday - Friday between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Individuals may request the application and job description be emailed or faxed to them by contacting Shannon at 801-763-5927 or by email at shannon.hansen@timpssd.org