Water Rights Certification

Next Certification Date: September 2-3, 2020 (ONLINE)



Why should you Certify in Water Rights?

Certifying in Water Rights is a TANGIBLE way to demonstrate your Water Rights Knowledge.

Take advantage of the Water Rights Certification opportunity and make your water rights dealings much simpler and easier. The Division of Water Rights and the Rural Water Association of Utah have developed this certification and the training that accompanies it. One who takes and passes the Water Rights Certification exam will be capable of navigating Utah’s complicated water rights system effectively.


The curriculum for the Certification Course/Exam has been designed by the Division of Water Rights. The trainers will be DWR staff and other qualified individuals. The main topics covered will include the History of Water Rights and Water Right Basics, The Application Process from Beginning to End, Application, Change, Exchange Approval Criteria, and Hearings, Making and Filing Applications-Public Inquiry, Water Use Groups and Supplemental Rights, Public Water Supplier Issues, Water Use Program, Field Services (Distribution and Adjudication), and Well Drilling.