Utah State Certification Requirements:

Cross Connection Control and Backflow Prevention Information

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CCC Program Admin Certification Courses

Certification courses are 15 hours long with 3 additional hours alloted for the exam. Most courses are now online, with the exception of RWAU Fall and RWAU Annual Conferences. 

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CCC Program Admin CEU Trainings

Attend a CEU training near you or online! CEU trainings go more indepth on topics like landscaping, hazard assessments, and chemical dispensers.

How Many CEUs Do I have?

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Resources & Templates to assist you with your CCC Program:

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IPS Cross Connection Deficiency Points

See if your Water System has IPS Cross Connection Deficiency Points (Click the link below which takes you to the DDW website, type in your water system name, then select "IPS" in the top right corner)