House Bills

HB 33                          Water Related Liability Amendments                       Rep. Albrecht

This bill makes amendments addressing governmental immunity; clarifies language related to operators of a water facility; addresses liability of an owner or operator of a water facility, stream or river along certain trails; codifies standard of certain care; addresses liability of an owner or operator of a water facility; addresses interference related to a water facility.

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HB 150                        Emergency Water Shortages Amendments              Rep. Albrecht

This bill enacts the Water Preferences During Emergencies chapter including outlining the process for declaring a temporary water shortage emergency; addressing water use preferences during an emergency; providing for compensation.

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HB 188                        Golf Related Water Modifications                            Rep. Welton

This bill requires reporting of water use by golf courses or driving ranges.

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HB 217                        School Energy and Water Reductions                       Rep. Bennion

This bill addresses grant money for energy and water reductions.

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HB 272                        Water Efficient Landscaping Amendments              Rep. Owens

This bill addresses incentives to use water efficient landscaping.

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HB 276                        Water Supply Amendments                                      Rep. Lyman

This bill addresses a municipalities supply of water to contract customers. It describes the process by which a municipality provides water to contract water customers; addresses providing water to certain subdivisions and requires the state engineer to post certain maps.

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Senate Bills

SB 34                           Water Infrastructure Funding Study                         Sen. McCay

This bill addresses the use of property tax revenue for water.

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SB 53                           Groundwater Use Amendments                               Sen. Vickers

This bill modifies provisions related to recharge of an aquifer.

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SB 76                           Water Amendments                                                  Sen. Sandall

This bill addresses coordination of planning related to water.

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SB 118                         Water Efficient Landscaping Incentives                    Sen. Sandall

This bill addresses incentives to install and maintain water efficient landscapes and authorizes water conservancy districts to receive grants to provide incentives.

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SB 119                         Per Capita Consumptive Use                                     Sen. McKell

This bill addresses the reporting of per capita consumptive use of water by water cosevancy districts and describes how that use is to be calculated.

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