Consumer Confidence Reports

All Community Water Systems are required to complete annual Consumer Confidence Reports (CCRs).
(2017 CCRs are required by the state to be completed by July 1, 2018 containing January - December 2017 data.)

There are two types of CCRs that RWAU can compile for your system. One is a basic word document CCR. This contains all relevant and required information as well as the certification letter. These cost $50 each. 

The second is a professional publication style report. It's the perfect way to improve your entity's public relations giving your customers necessary information in a professional, creative, readable, and affordable way!

All your system needs to do is:

  • Provide the CCR information to RWAU
  • Pay a small design fee: $500
  • We deliver a PDF to you for print or we can handle the printing for you
  • Contact us to set up a publication type CCR at 801-756-5123 or email Brittney at
  • You can also fill out the CCR request form by clicking on the link below

Consumer Confidence Report Assistance Request Form