Wastewater operator certification is a three-day course (unless taken at Annual or FallConference) that is designed to help attendees pass their state certification exam. Anyone who works or operates at a public wastewater system in Utah, must be certified by the state.

Certification Topics
This certification covers topics including:
  • Math
  • Safety & Security 
  • Lagoons Operations 
  • Treatment Process Monitoring 
  • Treatment Equipment Operation
  • Treatment Equipment Evaluation
  • Laboratory Analysis
  • Collections/Lagoons System Monitoring 
  • Collections/Lagoons Equipment Operation
  • Collections/Lagoons Equipment Evaluation 
  • Lift Stations

The state has provided the certification requirements, along with helpful tools to get you through your certification.

Utah state certification requirements

Trainings and Events

We host a slew of certification trainings for you throughout the year. Check out our upcoming events to stay on top of your certification!

Upcoming wastewater operator certification events


In order to become certified, you will need to pass the state exam. Wastewater exams are only offered through the Division of Water Quality.