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Our mission is to provide professional training, support services, and representation for the water and wastewater Industry. Take the quiz or read the descriptions below to see where you will fit in best and join us today!

Voting Member

You are if you are a community, non-profit community, water or wastewater system engaged in the treatment or distribution of drinking water and/ or treatment or collections of wastewater, with a population under 10.000. If your population exceeds 10,000 you can still be a Voting Member, as long as you maintain your continuing membership status.

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Supporting Member

If you are a public water and wastewater system and do not meet the criteria of a Voting Member, then this is where you belong.

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Irrigation Member

Irrigation Companies are any mutual, private or public entity that exclusively serves water for the purposes of agriculture or lawn and garden use.

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Associate Member

Associate Members are any firm, corporation, or organization providing services for our systems and who are devoted to assist the work of the Association.

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Individual Member

If you are not affiliated with a System or Organization that may already have a membership, but still wish to have a membership with all the benefits and discounts, an individual membership is right for you.

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Memberships are company-based.  If your company is already a member, then so are you!  Create your own account to begin taking advantage of your company's membership.

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