RWAU Committees

Committee Terms August 2019-August 2021

Reorganization of Committees

The RWAU Board uses several committees to help improve Association activities and events. These committees are made up of Board Members, Staff and System Members.

Committees serve a two-year term that coordinate with the change of presidency of the Board of Directors. Each new Board President assigns new committee chairs, and then each committee chair will select the appropriate committee members. In general, committees are active from the month of August in odd years, through the end of July two years later.

If you are interested in serving on a RWAU committee please fill out the form below to volunteer. Your name will then be added to the list of volunteers for Board Members to choose from when forming committees. Thank you!

RWAU Committee Volunteer Form

The Board President and Executive Director will serve as ex officio members for all committees

Awards and Education Committee

  • Chair- Mike Davis, Vernal City |
  • Vice Chair- Jacob Sharp, Castle Valley |
  • Jerry Nelson, Pinion Forest SSD |
  • John Mackey, DWQ |
  • Kcris Hunter, RWAU |
  • Mike Osborn, RWAU |
  • Jake Wood, RWAU |
  • Brittney Griffith, RWAU |
  • Phil Harold, RWAU |
  • Greg Johnson, RWAU |

Conference and Marketing 

  • Chair- Rauni Guffey, Hanna Water 
  • Vice Chair- Brett Chynoweth, Tropic Town bchynoweth@rwau.ent 
  • Clint Dilley, Magna Water
  • Mike Carlson, Centerville 
  • Kirk Christensen, Upper Country
  • Jessica Leimer, RWAU Staff
  • Kcris Hunter, RWAU Staff 
  • Luke Thomas, Francis
  • Shannon Rasmussen, RWAU Staff
  • Stacie Olson, Riverton
  • Vern Steel, RWAU Staff


  • Chair- Nathan Langston, Monticello 
  • Vice Chair- Kent Barton, Manti 
  • Dale Pierson, RWAU ED
  • Hal Jaussi, Ensign-Bickford 
  • Kenton Moffett, Ogden City
  • Lee Snelgrove, Francis 
  • Rick Wixom, Springdale 
  • Vern Steel, RWAU Staff


  • Chair- Scott Anderson, Woods Cross
  • Vice Chair- Paul Fulgham, Tremonton City 
  • Dale Pierson, RWAU ED
  • David Gardner, WaterPro 
  • Devin Magleby, Monroe
  • Gary Larsen, Millville City 
  • Ken Snook, PRWID 
  • Kent Barton, Manti City
  • Mike Davis, Vernal 
  • Nathan Langston, Monticello
  • Paul Ashton, White City
  • Rick Wixom, Springdale 
  • Steve McIntosh/Canyon Water 
  • Vern Steel, RWAU Staff 


  • Chair- Mike Davis, Vernal
  • Vice Chair- Rick Wixom, Springdale 
  • Brian Weyers, Randolph
  • Dale Pierson, RWAU
  • Jessica Leimer, RWAU 
  • Rauni Guffey, Hanna Water 
  • Shannon Rasmussen, RWAU 

Policy, Procedure, Budget and Personnel

  • Chair- Rick Wixom, Springdale Town 
  • Vice Chair-David Gardner, WaterPro
  • Dale Pierson, RWAU
  • Paul Fulgham, Tremonton 
  • Vern Steel, RWAU 
  • Kent Barton, Manti City 
  • Scott Anderson, Woods Cross 

Training and Technical Assistance 

  • Chair- Devin Magleby, Monroe
  • Vice Chair- Gary Larsen, Millville 
  • Gerard Yates, CUWCD
  • Glen Gillies, Garden City 
  • Hal Jaussi, Ensign-Bickford 
  • Ken Mitchell, Park City
  • Kcris Hunter, RWAU Staff
  • Nathan Turner, Murray City
  • Rick Kartchner, Canyon Meadows 
  • Shari McTiver, St. George 
  • John Mackey, DWQ 
  • Terry Smith, RWAU