How important can it be?

Water and Wastewater facilities are critical infrastructure and cannot afford the potential damages that come with cyber attacks. Cyber threats are constantly changing and it is up to you to put in place the necessary safety precautions to prevent such attacks. The resources added to this page will help you secure yourself and your facility.

As more and more systems become digitally connected, the risk of cyber attacks on water and wastewater facilities continues to grow. These attacks can have devastating consequences, including disruptions to service, damage to equipment, and potential harm to public health and safety. It is essential for facility managers to take proactive steps to protect their systems and prevent cyber attacks from occurring.

One important step is to stay informed about the latest threats and vulnerabilities. This can involve reading industry publications, attending conferences and training sessions, and networking with other professionals in the field. It is also critical to conduct regular risk assessments and vulnerability scans to identify potential weaknesses in your system.

Another key element of cyber security is implementing strong access controls and authentication protocols. This can include requiring strong passwords, limiting access to critical systems, and using multi-factor authentication where possible. Regularly backing up critical data and maintaining up-to-date anti-virus and anti-malware software can also help protect against cyber threats.

By staying vigilant and implementing strong cyber security measures, water and wastewater facilities can help ensure the safety and reliability of their systems and protect against potentially catastrophic cyber attacks.