Cancellation Policy

EVENT CANCELLATION & REFUND REGISTRATION POLICY This Cancellation & Registration Policy does not apply to conference registrations, only other fee-based events

  • Cancellations prior to a week before the event:
    • A refund will be granted minus a $25 admin fee
    • Books that are a part of the registration can either be:
      • Returned to RWAU (RWAU does not cover shipping fees to return books)
      • Kept, with the cost deducted from the issued refund
  • Cancellations within a week of the event:
    • Individuals who are wanting to cancel a registration within a week can either defer to the same event at a later date or cancel with no refund
    • If an attendee chooses to defer, he or she has 6 months to register for the new date. After six months, the registration is canceled, and the entire registration cost is forfeited
  • Cancellations day of event or later:
    • There will be no deferral or refund at this point
  • Extenuating Circumstances:
    • If an attendee has an extenuating circumstance the event coordinator and the training staff supervisor will make a decision on how to proceed