Executive Director - New Year's Message

Posted By: Dale Pierson Rural Water News,

Many of you are aware that the coming new year is the 40th anniversary of the Rural Water Association of Utah’s founding. Accordingly, we will be celebrating our 40 years of service to our membership and to the drinking water industry. An anniversary should not only be about looking back at past accomplishments, but perhaps more importantly looking forward to a bright future.


The success of this association over the past 40 years has been astounding. That success is primarily due to the great support, dedication and work done by the water systems, state agencies and companies that make up our membership. The future success of the organization lies just as heavily upon your shoulders. The work you all do is vitally important to the health and well-being of the state of Utah and its many communities. Never forget the importance of that work and never forget that virtually every citizen  depends on you doing your work well.


The future of this association knows no bounds. While we look back on the past 40 years, we only do so to know where we have come from and what we have to build upon. The future will bring new initiatives, new ideas and new challenges both to RWAU and to the industry it serves. I have no doubt that this association will be in the forefront of those changes, leading the way in the next decade toward the next 40 years of accomplishments.


Happy New Year to all of you!  


Dale Pierson

Rural Water Association of Utah