Solutions for your lead and copper inventory needs

EPA Revised Lead and Copper Rule. The new EPA Lead and Copper Rule (LCR) revision (announced December 16, 2021), public water systems have more work and proactive planning to do. The LCR now requires municipalities to develop a lead and copper service line inventory by October 16, 2024. Ultimately, all communities remove lead and copper contamination from their water systems. A working lead and copper pipe inventory is the essential groundwork for any effective removal and replacement plan. Now is the time to proactively create a water main and service line inventory not only to be compliant with the EPA's timeline but also to prioritize the health and safety of their community.


Easy-to-use tools for editing and viewing, giving the user the ability to share this information with operations staff, city councils, board members, and decision-makers. The data will offer:

  • Focused inventory of maintenance and repair recommendations
  • Lead service replacement coordination
  • Management dashboards
  • A comprehensive long -term work and budget plan
  • Mobile access to manage drinking water assets
  • Water system visualization
  • Administration of service line information
Manage a successful Lead and Copper Service Line Inventory with a solution that simplifies inventory of data, work orders, and progress reporting.

Completing an inventory by identifying lead and copper pipe in a water system will be key in replacing the lead service lines. As an ESRI® Partner and using ESRI® software, Sunrise has created a solution to provide enhanced insight into your water system.

Sunrise can extend a current implementation of Sunrise Cloud SMART GIS@ or managed ArcGIS online systems to include lead and copper inventory of service lines.

For clients not currently using our water system mapping services, we can set up a GIS using existing data such as CAD files, water models, or even as-built drawings) to implement a lead and copper pipe asset management solution tailored to your needs.

GIS Mapping and Management Services
Sunrise Engineering provides unique, clean, and practical GIS mapping solutions for you! We are able to gather, analyze, host, and support your GIS needs on any scale of work. Most of our clients are counties, municipalities, and utility providers that want to better maintain their infrastructure. Our in-the-cloud capabilities allow users to get reliable information quickly.
This service is cost-effective and powerful. Your data is securely managed through our Sunrise CloudSMART GIS® portal that can be locked down for those who only need access or can be opened to the public through web mapping applications that can be hosted on your website. Our GIS team of dedicated professionals not only support our internal engineering efforts but also our growing number of clients. We will work with you to find a solution that best fits your needs following our company mission statement: Creating solutions that work and relationships that last.
Our team has experience and training on many of the ESRI® based solutions that are available. Sunrise Engineering is an ESRI® partner and has achieved the ArcGIS Online and Local Government Specialty recognitions confirming our dedication to using ESRI® products and meeting the needs of our clients.
We look forward to working with you!


Sunrise Cloud SMART GIS® has created the Lead and Copper Service Line Inventory to assist officials with inventory management. Our solution includes:

  • Detailed mapping and resource identification
  • Establish high-risk areas
  • Prioritize replacement efforts
  • Management dashboards
  • Mobile access to manage water assets