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Basic CCR | 2024 | Expedited

Basic CCR | 2024 | Expedited

This style is a basic word document report. This basic style contains all relevant and required information as well as the certification letter.

Process to Compile: 

  • Request RWAU to complete CCR by filing out the CCR request form (all relevant fields must be filled out)
  • RWAU will put your system on a list of basic CCRs to complete
    • Your system's report will be done in the order it was requested
  • A representative from RWAU will contact you with a draft for approval
    • If approved, your system representative will need to print, sign, and send it to the DDW
    • If not approved, the representative from RWAU will work on the draft with the system until it is approved
  • RWAU will also send a copy of the basic (unsigned) CCR to the DDW

Prices & Deadlines: 

  • Requested from January 1st - May 1st:
    • $100 for Members
    • $150 for Nonmembers
  • Requested after May 1st:
    • $150 for Members
    • $200 for Nonmembers 
Non-Member Price: $200
Member Price: $150

Available until 12/31/2024 at 12:00AM (MST)