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Water PAC

Water PAC

You can support Rural Water causes by making-a-donation to the Water PAC.

The Process
  1. Type in the desired donation amount1
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The Details

Political Action Committees (PAC) were created in the mid 1980’s and are regulated under the Federal Election Commission. The National Rural Water Association (NRWA) created their PAC the (Water PAC) in the 1990’s to help support political candidates that support our association’s causes.

The Water PAC monies go to the reelection campaigns of members of Congress that support our association’s causes:

  • Funding for Circuit Rider Programs
  • Funding for Training Programs
  • Funding for Wastewater Tech Programs
  • Funding for Sourcewater Protection Programs
  • SRF Funding for Water & Wastewater Systems
  • Support in controlling EPA Regulation

  1. Any amount can be donated, not to exceed $100,00 per day.
  2. These donations have to come from individuals and not from Water or Wastewater Systems or Associate Member Companies.
Suggested Donation: