Significant changes have been made to the Cross Connection Control and Cross Connection Control Certification rules. These changes went into effect on January 1, 2019. Water systems and those interested in cross-connection certifications should familiarize themselves with these changes [SEE  RULE]

The Cross Connection Control Program Administrator Certification provides the necessary information to establish an On-going cross-connection program. The attendee will learn how to:

  • Recognize a potential cross-connection
  • Determine potential hazard to the water system
  • Determine the potential type of backflow associated with a given cross connection
  • Determine the correct backflow preventer to protect against a given situation
  • Determine what is needed in an ordinance/ bylaw to provide a water system with the authority to administer a program
  • Create ideas for providing public education
  • Research plumbing code or other manuals to support decisions made in requiring the proper protection
  • Maintain and distribute records as required by the Division of Drinking Water

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The Utility Management Certification is held in conjunction with our Rural Water Association of Utah's Fall Conference. It is an opportunity to become certified as a Utility Manager in the Water/Wastewater industry.

This certification is like a water or wastewater operator certification, but for managers! It is a way to recognize and advance the professional achievements of individuals in the water and wastewater industry. This certification will increase the value of today's utility manager.

Whether you are currently a manager or in an entry-level position, an operator certification alone is not enough for tomorrow's manager. A Utility Management Certification will certify you as a qualified manager in the fields of

  • Public Relations
  • Financial Planning
  • Ethics
  • Human Resources
    ...and other skills not covered in today's traditional operator certification programs.

We invite you to achieve recognition for your future and the future of your water and wastewater industry by taking part in this unique opportunity!

Attend this one-day certification review class to learn all you need to know to get your certification in the UMC program. The exam will be available on-site, directly following the review class.

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We are excited to announce that Rural Water Association of Utah has teamed up with the Utah Division of Water Resources and the Utah Division of Drinking Water to bring you our annual Water Conservation Certification!

The Water Conservation Certification is a two-day course with an exam on the second day. By obtaining this certification you will become knowledgeable in the following:

  • Creating a culture of conservation - Preparing a Water Conservation Plan.
  • Water system efficiency - Conducting a water loss audit.
  • Metering / Measuring - pros & cons.
  • How to start your own water check program - How to implement your own water conservation program.
  • Creating / Amending conservation ordinances.
  • Customer / Public relations & communication - Talking to the public about the knowledge and material available.
  • Water conservation pricing and budgeting / Landscape watering times
  • Setting up a leak detection program
  • The impact of water conservation on wastewater systems
  • How water conservation affects your water rights
  • Secondary Systems - pros & cons
                       ......and much more!
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Why should you Certify in Water Rights?

Certifying in Water Rights is a TANGIBLE way to demonstrate your Water Rights Knowledge.

Take advantage of the Water Rights Certification opportunity and make your water rights dealings much simpler and easier. The Division of Water Rights and the Rural Water Association of Utah have developed this certification and the training that accompanies it. One who takes and passes the Water Rights Certification exam will be capable of navigating Utah’s complicated water rights system effectively.

The curriculum for the Certification Course/Exam has been designed by the Division of Water Rights. The trainers will be DWR staff and other qualified individuals. The main topics covered will include the History of Water Rights and Water Right Basics, The Application Process from Beginning to End, Application, Change, Exchange Approval Criteria, and Hearings, Making and Filing Applications-Public Inquiry, Water Use Groups and Supplemental Rights, Public Water Supplier Issues, Water Use Program, Field Services (Distribution and Adjudication), and Well Drilling.

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