2022 Legislative Session | RWAU Bill List

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House Bills

HB 21 2nd Sub              School and Child Care Center Water Testing                        Rep. Handy

Requires testing of water for lead in schools and child care centers; requires action if results exceed certain levels;

RWAU Stance: Support

Passed both Houses

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HB 33 1st Sub              Instream Water Flow Amendments                                      Rep. Ferry

Provides that certain entities or individuals may file a change application to provide water for an instream flow or for use on sovereign lands; amends the process by which such a change application is considered;

RWAU Stance: Track

Passed both Houses

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HB 37              State Water Policy Amendments                                          Rep. Stratton

Includes the recharge of aquifers as part of state water policy

RWAU Stance: Support

Passed both Houses

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HB 64 2nd Sub            Drinking Water Amendments                                               Rep. Watkins

Creates the Drinking Water Capacity Account;

RWAU Stance: Support

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HB 95 3rd Sub                          Landscaping Requirement Prohibition                     Rep. Ward

Prohibits certain government or private entities from requiring a property owner or resident to meet certain landscaping requirements and directs government or private entities to provide landscaping alternatives

RWAU Stance: Track

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HB 115            Water Distribution Efficiency                                                Rep. Ballard

Enacts the Water Distribution Efficiency Act; requires the Division of Water Resources to post a summary of water loss data; requires the establishment of standards of acceptable levels of water loss; addresses processes for dealing with excessive levels of water loss

RWAU Stance: Track

Failed in the House

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HB 121 1st Sub            Water Conservation Modifications                                       Rep. Spendlove

Imposes requirements related to water conservation at state government facilities and state agencies; requires the Legislative Water Development Commission to study water conservation in the state

RWAU Stance: Track

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HB 129            Navigable Water Determinations                                         Rep. Hawkes

Provides for an administrative proceeding to determine navigability of waters; exempts the administrative proceeding from the Administrative Process Act; grants rulemaking authority; provides for judicial review; addresses the scope and impact of a determination; requires the Division of Forestry, Fire and State Lands to publish a list of navigable waters in the state

RWAU Stance: Track

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HB 131            Watershed Restoration Initiative                                          Rep. Bennion

Creates the Watershed Restoration Initiative within the Department of Natural Resources; sets the policies and objectives of the initiative; describes how the initiative will be administered and funded; requires the initiative to submit an annual report to the Natural Resources, Agriculture and Environment Interim Committee; creates the Watershed Restoration Expendable Special Revenue Fund

RWAU Stance: Support

Passed both Houses

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HB 132 1st Sub            Uniform Easement Relocation Act                                        Rep. Snow

Addresses the applicability of the Uniform Easement Relocation Act to certain easements; excludes certain easements from relocation under the act; establishes the right of a property owner to relocate and easement in certain circumstances; allows a property owner to commence a civil action to relocate an easement; provides the requirements for commencing a civil action to relocate an easement; addresses a court order for relocation of an easement; requires the parties to a civil action for easement relocation to act in good faith in facility relocation; addresses when a proposed easement relocation is considered final and complete; addresses the effect of an easement relocation under the Act; provides that the right of a property to relocate an easement under the Act cannot be waived, excluded or restricted by agreement; provides that the law should be applied and construed to promote uniformity with other states that enact the Act; contains a provision on the Act’s relation to the Electronic Signatures in Global National Commerce Act; provides that the Act applies to an easement created before, on or after the effective date of this bill; provides a severability clause

RWAU Stance: Track

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HB 166 1st Sub            Water Facilities Amendments                                               Rep. Watkins

Modifies criminal and civil provisions related to water facilities, including defining terms and amending criminal intent provisions

RWAU Stance: Track

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HB 168            Preferences of Water Rights Amendments                          Rep. Albrecht

Repeals language related to a temporary water shortage emergency; enacts a provision related to a temporary water shortage emergency with a delayed effective date; requires a study

RWAU Stance: Track

Passed both Houses

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HB 177            Water Well Amendments                                                      Rep. Ferry

Restricts the state engineer’s rulemaking authority related to water production wells

RWAU Stance: Support

Passed both Houses

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HB 232            Utah Lake Authority                                                               Rep. Brammer

Creates the Utah Lake Authority; defines the status of the Utah Lake Authority and provides for the Authority’s purposes, powers, duties, policies and objectives; establishes a board to govern the Utah Lake Authority and provides for board membership, appointment, terms, duties and responsibilities; authorizes the board to appoint nonvoting members, board officers and advisory committees; prohibits certain individuals from serving as a member of the board or as executive director and prohibits board members and the executive director from receiving certain benefits; provides for the hiring of an executive director and defines the executive director’s role and provides for the qualifications and duties of the executive director; requires the attorney general to provide legal services to the lake authority; provides a process for the adoption and amendment of a project area pan and a project area budget; provides for the Utah Lake Authority to be paid certain sales tax revenue and other sources of revenue and provides for the allowable uses of revenue; authorizes the Utah Lake Authority to issue bonds and includes provisions related to bonds; requires the Utah Lake Authority to adopt an annual budget and provides a process for preparing and adopting or amending a budget; requires the Utah Lake Authority to provide reports and requires the Authority to comply with audit requirements and provides limits on the dissolution of the Utah Lake Authority and requirements if a dissolution occurs

RWAU Stance: Oppose

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HB 242            Secondary Water Metering Amendments                            Rep. Peterson

Imposes requirements related to metering pressurized secondary water; provides for penalties for failure to comply with metering requirements; provides for grants to fund metering of certain pressurized secondary water services

RWAU Stance: Track

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HB 269 2nd Sub           Capital Assets for Water                                                        Rep. Stratton

Requires the adoption and implementation of policies and plans related to capital assets; requires reporting to the Division of Water Resources

RWAU Stance: Oppose

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HB 282            Water Wise Landscaping Amendments                                Rep. Wilcox

Modifies provisions regarding water wise landscaping

RWAU Stance: Track

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HB 343            Water Supply Amendments                                                  Rep. Lyman

Addresses a municipality’s supply of water to contract water customers.

RWAU Stance: Oppose

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HB 377            Water Rights Adjudication Amendments                             Rep. Kohler

In an action for an adjudication of water rights, allows the state engineer to serve a claimant with a request for additional information; if a claimant who is served with a request for additional information fails to respond, allows the state engineer to make a recommendation to the court based on the engineer’s existing knowledge, which may include recommending a disallowance of the claimant’s claim; allows the state engineer to seek an interlocutory judgement on water rights which no contest is filed

RWAU Stance: Track

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HB 410            Great Salt Lake Watershed Enhancement                                        Rep. Wilson

Addresses the duties of the Division of Forestry, Fire and State Lands related to the Great Salt Lake.

RWAU Stance: Track

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Senate Bills

SB 31               Water Rights Proofs on Small Amounts of Water                Sen. Sandall

Modifies the requirements for a proof submitted to the State Engineer regarding a small amount of water

RWAU Stance: Support

Passed both Houses

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SB 73               Flow Rates or Quantity for Plumbing Fixtures                     Sen. Iwamoto

Modifies the residential and plumbing code adopted by the state to address maximum flow rates or quantity for certain plumbing fixtures or fixture fittings

RWAU Stance: Support

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SB 89               Water Amendments                                                              Sen. Iwamoto

Modifies provisions related to a water conservation plan; requires goal for water conservation to be set; addresses adopting, amending, submitting or posting a water conservation plan, requires rate structures to be submitted under certain circumstances; addresses division powers and rulemaking; modifies provision related to culinary water pricing structure

RWAU Stance: Support

Passed both Houses

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SB 110 1st Sub            Water as Part of a General Plan                                            Sen. McKell

Requires a water use and preservation element to be part of a municipal or county general plan; outlines how a water use and preservation element is integrated into a general plan and what steps to take in developing a water use and preservation element; provides for action related to the general plan by the legislative body of a municipality or county; addresses assistance by the Division of Water Resources

RWAU Stance: Support

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SB 221                         Water Related Sales and Use Tax Amendments                  Sen. Hinkins

Replaces certain references to dedicated credits with references to sales and use tax revenue; removes a cap on sales and use tax revenue kept by the Division of Water Rights; addresses uses of money transferred to the Division of Water Rights

RWAU Stance: Track

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SB 254                         Government Records Access Revisions                    Sen. Cullimore

Exempts certain records related to a governmental entity’s security measures from the Government Records Access and Management Act (GRAMA); classifies certain drinking water and wastewater data as a protected record under GRAMA

RWAU Stance: Support

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