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North Fork Special Service District
District Clerk
Location | 8838 Alpine Loop Scenic Byway, Sundance, Ut 84604
$24.00 +1
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Full Job Description

The District Clerk is responsible for day-to-day administration of District operations including accounting, financial reporting, record-keeping, customer service, and clerical functions while providing administrative support to the Board, staff, and customers.  This position reports directly to the North Fork Board.  North Fork is a Special Service District, a local government entity and a component unit of the County.  The District is small, with limited staff, which provides opportunities for many responsibilities and assignments.

Accounting and Financial Reporting – Maintain financial records by preparing, processing, recording, and reconciling all District revenues and expenses, including, cash receipts, accounts payable, payroll, grant accounting and reporting, and legal compliance.  vendor relationships, and reconciling bank and investment accounts with exacting precision.  This position requires effective verbal and writing communication, proficient typing, accounting, and computer skills.

  • Accounts payable – enter invoices, review accounts payable expenditures for cost savings, manage vendors and payment of all District expenses.  Keep District’s payable accounts in good standing.
  • Accounts receivable – enter all payments, fees, and other revenues including utility billings, County tax payments, wildland income, and grant funds. Monitor and manage customer accounts, billings, and communications.
  • Grant accounting – Oversee grant management and ensure proper accounting, compliance with regulatory agencies, and financial reporting requirements.  
  • EMS Billing Coordinator – reconcile receivable accounts and audit Medicaid/Medicare and other insurance providers.
  • Reconciliations – Reconcile monthly bank statements and investment accounts, subsidiary ledgers to the general ledger, customer accounts, and grant payments and receivables.
  • Financial Reporting and Audit Prep– Assist in the preparation of monthly financial statements for Board meetings and closing the year and preparing accounts and reports for the annual audit.

Customer Service: Create and maintain customer accounts and billing statements for District customers for utility services and other District fees while providing excellent customer service.

HR and Personnel Administration: Streamline new hire onboarding processes, manage employee payroll, benefits, retirement plans, and personnel files according to Federal and State reporting guidelines. Ensure timely completion of year-end federal filing requirements for W2’s and 1099.  Process payroll by collecting timesheets, verifying hours worked, and time off.  Process payroll through the accounting system ensuring correct earnings and deductions and reviewing approved timesheets.  Updating payroll records regularly as needed. Ensure payroll tax deposits are made in a timely manner, manage employee retirement and benefits plans, maintain personnel files for each District employee and volunteer under Federal and State reporting guidelines. Other HR functions, as necessary.

Compliance: Ensure the timely submission of federal and state tax filings, assist in preparing the annual District budget, submit quarterly transparency and compliance reports, and submit semi-annual deposit and investment reports.  Prepare and publish agendas and documents related to District board meetings. Attend board meetings and take minutes.  Publish all necessary notices within the required time limit in accordance with Utah State law.

Records Management: Serve as the District’s official State Records Officer, maintaining all certifications with Utah State Archives.  Oversee a comprehensive records management system, fulfilling GRAMA requests while adhering to HIPAA and other State regulations, updating and maintaining the District records retention schedule, including scanning and uploading files to create digital copies of physical records. Processing and filing copies of incoming and outgoing physical correspondence. 

Legal Liaison:  Assist District legal counsel in matters pertaining to District policy, resolutions, and other legal matters.

Community Engagement: Coordinate, attend, and document all District community committee meetings and activities, fostering relationships within the community and serving as the District’s historian.  Manage District website and social media platforms, planning and executing social media strategies, creating, and publishing content to a variety of platforms, and interacting with their communities and audiences. 
Other Duties and Skills:
•    Some work requirements outside of the 9 to 5 schedule.
•    Demonstrate exceptional versatility in undertaking additional tasks and problem solving as assigned by the District’s board of officers, fire chief, and public works director. 
•    Excellent verbal and written communication skills. 
•    Proficient typing, accounting, and computer skills.
•    Exceptional organizational and multitasking abilities.
•    Attention to detail and accuracy.
•    Proven ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with coworkers, customers, and community.  
•    Comprehensive familiarity with relevant laws, regulations, and best practices.
•    Notary certification (or demonstrated willingness to obtain certification).

This job description endeavors to project professionalism, clarity, and a commitment to excellence in every aspect of the District Clerk role.


 Applicants with a 2-year degree in accounting or 2+ years’ experience as a bookkeeper or controller preferred. Experience in the public sector and/or with Caselle helpful. Must be able to work well with minimal supervision and instructions. The successful candidate will be required to certify as a notary and complete the Utah State records officer certification within 90 days of hire date and must be able to pass a background check and pre-employment drug screening. 

Excellent benefits package included with health insurance, retirement, paid time off, flex accounts, long term disability and life insurance.
How/Where to Apply

Candidates must submit a cover letter and resume with wage requirements and application to admin@nfssd.org position open until filled. 

For application visit https://www.nfssd.org/employment-application

  1. Additional pay depends on qualifications and experience.