2018 Senate Bills

| Utah Legislative Sessions |

 SB  15 Environmental Health Scientist Act Amendments Christensen

Clarifies the qualifications for licensure of an environmental health scientist and an environmental health scientist-in-training.

RWAU Stance: Support

SB  34 - Legislative Water Development Commission Amendments Dayton

Removes the sunset date for the Legislative Water Development Commission and authorizes the Commission to meet up to six times per calendar year without approval from the Legislative Management Committee.

RWAU Stance: Support


SB  35 - Water Right for Trout Habitat Repeal Extension Christensen

Extends the repeal date of the instream flow water right for trout habitat.

RWAU Stance: Track


SB  45 - Water Law Amendments – Diligence Claims Dayton

Requires the state engineer to include an evaluation of an asserted beneficial use in the report of a field investigation of a diligence claim.

RWAU Stance: Support


SB  61 sub- Water Rights Adjudication Amendments Dayton

States that if the state engineer receives an untimely statement of claim, the state engineer shall return the claim without further action and authorizes the state engineer to prepare and file an addendum to a proposed determination under certain circumstances.

RWAU Stance: Support

SB  96 2nd sub- Canal Amendments Hinkins

Provides a process for a property owner and the owner of a water conveyance facility to approve and move forward with a plan to modify the water conveyance facility and provides for mediation through the Property Rights Ombudsman if requested.

RWAU Stance: Support

SB189 - Small Wireless Facilities Deployment Act Bramble

Permits a wireless provider to deploy a small wireless facility and any associated pole within a right of way; permits an authority to establish a permitting process for the deployment of a small wireless facility; describes a wireless providers access to an authority pole within a right of way and sets rates and fees for the placement of a wireless facility, its support structure, and a utility pole.

RWAU Stance: Oppose

SB204 - Secondary Metering Requirements Anderegg

Requires a secondary water provider that begins providing new service on or after May 9, 2018, to meter the use of water and phases in requirements for a secondary provider to meter water and requires secondary water providers to provide water use data.

RWAU Stance: Track